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Currently living in Sacramento region of California, United States, I am writing to highly recommend repair services at Classic Violins. As a violin beginner, I made a mistake in 2014 ordering two identical violins online from a supposed to be reputable violin manufacturer in Nanjing, China for about US$1K a piece, as an upgrade from my first violin. When the violins finally arrived after months of delay, I was shocked at the “QUALITY” of the products. The string to finger board gap was way high that renders the violins unplayable, and the sound quality of open strings sounds like from a tin can instead of a violin. I tried help from a local repair shop without much success. Being frustrated, I left both violins on the shelf for years until earlier this month when I flew back to my old country, Taiwan, with one of them to try my luck. And luckily, I did get it, from Classic Violins. Mr Yen, one of their repair craftsmen, was very professional and courteous. After viewing the violin and some measurements, he recommended some changes to it – with very reasonable costs. I was not asked to come back in weeks. Instead, I just strolled around stores in the neighborhood, enjoyed a big lunch, come back to the shop, and voila, the job was done. The violin after Mr. Yen’s work makes totally different sound. It’s beautiful. The job was done two days ago. I am now a real happy camper, and I will surely have my other violin repaired here at Classic Violins next time I visit Taiwan. Thanks you, Mr. Yen, for your kindness and great job. I really appreciate it. John C. Chou, 03/23/2017


John Chou

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